wine tasting in seville

Wine tasting in Seville

The Food Club is one of the most avant-garde event venues in the city center. It offers its visitors a possibility to take part in wine tasting in Seville accompanied by pairing of cheeses, local charcuteries, oils and local tapas.

These sommelier-led events can be organized for company events or friendly gatherings.Knowing the gastronomy and oenology of the land is essential to understand how Andalusians live.

Our sommelier introduces you to  the best wineries in the area. Together we try different varieties of red, white, sparkling and of course sherry wines.

Wine tasting in seville

eventos degustacion vinos

Our sommelier will teach you his secrets to wine tasting and gives tips for choosing the best wines for every occasion.

In our winetastings you understand how different wines are made, learn to choose the ideal bottle for your guests and discover the art of pairing your wine with food.

Tasting a wine is not just experienced by flavor. Apart from sensations such as acidity, mouthfeel and sweetness we can distinguish a wine by:

-A visual analysis: its transparency, color, intensity, etc …

-Aroma: fruity and floral notes and their intensity.

-Sound: when uncorking the bottle of wine.

The analyzing of the compounds of wine and the transmission of sensations is an art itself.

We teach you to detect wines that can be impure just by smelling and looking at the cork.

Wine pairings

maridaje de vinos

In our wine tasting in Seville, we accompany winetasting with pairing of the best cheeses, chacuteries, oils, pates and tapas.

The perfect pairing relies on choosing the right wine and elevating the experience with the right food.

There must be a balance between the wine and food, so that neither one stands out over the other and that they retain their identity.

A good dinner host must choose the best wine to accompany their menu. For every dish there is a type of wine that pairs good with the food, whether it is meat, fish, paella or desserts.

In Food Club Seville we show you the secrets of pairing.

The best wines should refresh the palate and leave it prepared for the following dish.

Secrets to choose a good wine in your tasting

Acidic wines combine well with fatty dishes, they are ideal for example to pair with pate.

Sweet wines are ideal for sweet dishes, but careful not to over sweeten the palate too much.

The tannin of the wine adds bitterness to its composition, if we accompany it with dishes rich in protein and fat, we help to balance the combination.

A wine too high in alcohol can nullify the delicate flavors of the dishes.The acidity of a wine is reduced with slightly sweet or savory dishes.

The acidity of a wine is reduced with slightly sweet or savory dishes.

As you can see, choosing a wine for each occasion tun out to be a bit of a  headache. For this reason in The Food Club we have already planned everything out and we can teach you, so you can impress your guests.

Apart from activities like wine tasting, we can also cater to companies  showcookings, paella workshops, teambuildings, conferences and networking events.

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Wine tasting in Seville
We explain what a wine tasting consists of, and the events we organize with pairing and sommelier at The Food Club
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