foodie movement in seville

The Foodie movement gains followers in Seville

Foodies are lovers of gastronomy. They enjoy meeting to learn new recipes and participate in cooking workshops and culinary events.

They are up to date with all the new trends of signature cuisine, and gastronomic scene that the city of Seville can boast about throughout the world.

Foodies are obsessed with good ingredients, like organic food or the traditional gourmet produce.

People who have a Foodie lifestyle, do their best to be up to date with the best wineries and their signature wines. They choose the best wine for every occasion by referring to their many experiences.

Where does the Foodie movement come from?

movimiento foodies

The rise of junk food in the 80s in the United States unleashed the wrath of the Foodie movement, people who were looking for a diet of good food, healthy habits and different ways of preparing recipes.

We can say that the Foodies are amateur home chefs, they are not expert professionals that work in the kitchen, but have a expert palate for tasting. Although the concept can vary, most foodies are also fond of cooking.

Foodie experiences in Seville

actividades aficionados cocinar

Most countries in Europe are aware of the culinary movement in question and do everything possible to attract this audience by organizing events, wine tastings and live cooking workshops such as show cooking.

The Food Club is an ideal gastronomic space for foodie meetings in Seville. It has everything you need to offer a unique gastronomic experience in the city.

We offer activities for your group of friends in a modern environment, where you can taste the best rice dishes in our paella workshops and contemplate the live cooking process.

You can participate in the preparation of the recipe, learn all the tricks of working with the ingredients and discuss your questions with our chef.

We also organize wine tastings with professional sommeliers, where you can learn all the secrets of wine selection and pairing.

Thanks to our ample space, we can organize company events, brand presentations, conferences, networking meetings and team buildings.

We invite you to join the foodie movement that is changing the city of Seville. Request information or make a reservation.

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The Foodie movement gains followers in Seville
We tell you the latest gastronomy trends in the city of Seville, differences between Foodies and Gourmet, and culinary activities carried out by The Food Club.
The Food Club
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