team building in seville

Team Building in Seville

Improving relationships within a company is possible thanks to the Team Building activities in Seville organized by The Food Club.

We differentiate ourselves from other business group meetings, because we managed to improve employee productivity, thanks to gastronomy, with our cooking workshops.

A day of living with all the coworkers behind the stove, where they can overcome the challenges proposed by our international chef Johannes.

Finally you can taste the cooked, accompanied by the best “tapas” and wines of the land, in the historic center of Seville.

Get rid of business conflicts thanks to Team Building Seville

The idea of team building activities was created more than 20 years ago by large corporations, with the intention of improving social relations within the company and minimizing conflicts.

The objective is to increase productivity of a group or department, which may have conflicts over hierarchical modifications, or that make productive changes within the company.

Improving communication between coworkers is the best recipe to get a high performance team that is motivated to achieve corporate goals.

The Food Club has modern and spacious facilities to organize business events and cater for up to 250 people.

Group activities are organized creating simple and fun culinary challenges that are then overcome with teamwork.

Why are Team Building activities fashionable?

actividades team building

The high competitiveness of the current market requires a cohesive working environment to meet the objectives when under pressure.

Encouraging collaboration between employees increases productivity in corporations and favors the work environment.

Many of the internal problems are created due to the lack of communication between departments and can be solved with the help of team building activities.

Most managers and traders have to constantly get new sales and feel that their effort is not rewarded. These types of activities can put them on the spotlight and help them feel more valued.

Celebrating small goals in a group motivates workers to achieve more difficult ones, so organizing a team building activity will be enjoyable, and they will disconnect themselves from their obligations.

Group activities for different companies

actividades de grupo para empresas

Our teambuiling activities are ideal for companies that seek to differentiate themselves from the typical team building in Seville, such as gymnastics, contests or hikes.

Partake in the best activities for companies in Seville, an experience where you learn about the traditions of the city through its wide culinary offer.

Gastronomic challenges are currently a fashionable activity for bringing together groups of people. They encourage collaboration and strengthen commitment to the company.

We create the best environment to enjoy a fun filled day. Come and learn to with the best produce in the city.

Some activities that we can recommend are our famous paellas workshops, show cooking events and recipe workshops tailored to the clients needs.

Ask us for more information. We can help you organize the best team building activities for your company.

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Team Building in Seville
Improve relationships with our teamwork activities for companies, with our cooking group workshops.
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