networking in seville

Networking in Seville

Most entrepreneurs nowadays feel the need to create a professional network of contacts that allows them to grow their company and help find new employees.

Networking was created in the United States as a business model, which has expanded all over the world during the economic crisis.

 It is a unique opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, offer them your services and get investors for your business project.

In Seville, we already have spaces where this concept is being put into play, standing out among them is The Food Club.

What is networking?

There are networking organizations in Seville, whose goal is to connect entrepreneurs between one another to help conduct business and collaborate on projects.

They tend to meet once a week in the morning, before going to work, so that it does not interfere with their work schedule.

They usually need a large meeting space, which allows them to accommodate at least 50 people to present their activity and leave their buisnesscards.

A networking event usually lasts at least 2 hours, enough time to promote your services, products and create synergies.

The networking activity begins with a Coffee Break or welcome coffee, where you can informally chat to group members.

Groups usually have presentations or information stands to promote themselves during event.

Each entrepreneur usually has 1 minute to present their activity, it is one of the key moments to sell yourself.

Members are then put into contact with their new clients and the long-term relationship of trust is established.

Once the event is over, they enjoy a good breakfast or brunch where they can share their business cards in order to stay in touch and talk about projects.

Venue for Networking events in Seville.

espacio organizar reuniones networking

The Food Club, is a modern gastronomic space with its own personality, it has 350 m2 fit to organize networking meetings in the center of Seville (Mercado del Arenal).

We rent our venue to organize your networking meetings and offer members an unforgettable experience.

We have a professional team committed to satisfaction and quality, among our services for business meetings we offer:

Coffee Break, welcome coffee accompanied by pastries and delicacies.

Assembly and equipping of the meeting room.

High quality audio and video technology.

Business breakfast or brunch according to your needs.

If you are a group of devoted net workers, we propose a full day at our facilities, we organize other business activities such as: cooking workshops for groups, team building events and show cooking.

You have not heard about The Food Club? Call us or give us a visit for more information.

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Networking in seville
We explain the Networking activities we do in The Food Club.
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