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Individual kitchen islands, the best option for gastronomic venues

Having the best kitchen furniture is one of the key factors that makes The Food Club an incomparable venue for cooking and show cooking workshops.

We would like to tell you the advantages of our individual design kitchen areas created by Antalia, a supplier that manufactures kitchens with soul.

Building a gastronomic space to suit everyone’s taste can sound like a utopia for any interior designers.

They must start from scratch, develop an idea for the project and then transform it into reality. The result is an ergonomic, minimalist, functional and avant-garde design space that falls in love with the naked eye.

Modern Antalia kitchens are a dream thanks to the dedication of their creators. This is the collaboration between acclaimed chefs and international designers.

Why do we have individual kitchens at The Food Club?

cocinas con islas

Our activities are designed to satisfy companies that are looking to organize group events or activities and Foodies in search of new experiences in the kitchen.

We managed to bring the diner closer to the stove at another perspective and surround the clients with the best local cuisine.

We are very proud of the end result, the three separate kitchens give us the extra space we need for our workshops. They also help to storage and organize all our kitchen utensils such as pans, cutlery, tables, etc …

Merging a traditional landmark such as the Arenal Market, with a totally modern environment, has been made possible thanks to the hard work of our kitchen designer Antalia.

Finishing touch of our kitchen design

cocinas integradas minimalistas

Consentino counter tops are made of a innovative new material composed of porcelain, glass and quartz. They have high durability and versatility for use in both domestic applications or professional kitchens.

We have installed work areas made of synthetic PET materials (committed to the environment) that are durable, easy to clean and food-safe. The beautiful design also offers us a silky touch and anti-fingerprint finish.

The shelves and drawers are organized for storage of kitchen equipment of different sizes.

Corner shelves and hidden drawers dont allow kitchen space to go to waste and offer greater performance.

The wooden parts of the kitchen furniture is made with high strength laminates and is very durable and easily cleanable.

Built-in lighting systems are integrated into the kitchen cabinets and modules.

Integrated handles preform in perfect harmony with the oaky wooden furniture and dark counter tops.

Smoke extraction is integrated into the counter top to achieve a minimalist environment.

Experience the modern kitchen

interior food club cocinero

Although we cannot compare ourselves with the popular television show MasterChef, at The Food Club we have set out to conquer Seville, with our cooking competition events for groups.

We mainly carry out paella and show cooking workshops, where we gather gastronomy lovers around our modern kitchen islands to share recipes and taste what they have cooked.

Our future as a gastronomic venue is full of possibilities, as we are open to new initiatives from clients seeking out new experiences.

If you would like to take part in our gastronomic ventures write us or pass by our kitchen. We’ll wait for you.


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Individual kitchen islands, the best option for gastronomic venues
We tell you our experience of our kitchens in islands manufactured by Antalia and its innovative finishes to improve the experience of our foodies
The Food Club
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