best paella in seville

Best paella in seville

Many travelers when they visit Seville choose to go downtown, it is the best place to experience the gastronomy of the city and taste the best paella in Seville.

The Food Club reinvents the concept of eating paella, we suggest that you also participate in the preparation, learn the foods  history and select the ingredients for your paella.

Our stoves and furniture, are designed by Antalia, the manufacturer of high design kitchens furnishing. It offers the best environment that your home or gastronomic center needs.

For cooking classes we have 3 independent kitchen areas with capacity for over 45 people, where our international chef will teach you all the secrets in the elaboration of rice and paellas.

Where to eat paella in Seville?

arroces con marisco

Most restaurants in the city could be ideal places to eat paella, but The Food Club is located in the famous Mercado del Arenal, very close to the bullring of La Maestranza.

So its proximity can benefit you when you visit the historic center, Torre del Oro, Paseo del Guadalquivir or the cathedral.

Our online platform makes it easy to book reservations (minimum 4 people for the paella workshop). You can choose a date and time that suits you best.

You can suggest us to organize a workshop tailored to your tastes or consult our chef who will offer you an innovative recipe or the typical paella in Seville.

We specialize in making rice with seafood, Valencian paella, Iberian rice or you can also request it only with vegetables.

Meanwhile you are preparing the recipe, we offer you a selection of our signature tapas, exquisite Jamon and local wines.

The secret to the best paella

ingredientes cocinar mejores paellas

Alot of people have tried to cook their own paella at home, sometimes the result is not as expected, we tell you why:

The traditional Valencian paella is actually only made with these ingredients: chicken, rabbit, bachuquetas (flat green beans), butterbeans, natural tomato, rice, saffron, oil, water and salt.

To get the best flavor in seafood rices, it is essential to make a good broth using fresh seafood from the market. This also helps to get the dish a salty sea flavor.

Although there are more than 80,000 varieties of rice, we use a very specific kind in all our paellas, it differs by having greater absorption. It doubles in size and takes in all the flavor of the broth and the ingredients.

We have different types with designation of origin, all of medium grain, ideal so that it does not happen in cooking and they are loose.

We stir-fry the fresh ecological vegetables with the right touch of extra virgin olive oil.

We do not use artificial coloring, instead in the Valencian paella we use Spanish saffron that gives the desired color and aroma.

The heat of the fire is one of the most important key factors for making the best paella in Seville, it has to be just right.

We have to control the amount of stock(caldo) and its rate of absorption to rice.We have told you some tips so you can eat delicious rice dishes in your home.

If you want to learn more we invite you to come to The Food Club with your group of friends. You will learn the full recipe and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

You are invited!

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